A2Z Early Learning Centre is a purpose built Early Learning Centre, a family owned and operated business.
Catering for 39 children a day in our three customised rooms:

Bugs Room - For ages 2-3

Bees Room - For ages 3-4

Butterflies Room - For ages 4-6

At a2z we recognise the early childhood years sets foundations for a lifetime. We believe that play based learning is critical in the early childhood years to develop children’s learning through which the child organises and makes sense of their social world as they engage activity with people, objects and representations.“We recognise children’s right to play and be active participants in all matters affecting their lives.”

At a2z, we understand that children’s health and safety are of utmost importance; therefore we provide play environments that foster exploration and curiosity through play and promote health and wellbeing through our daily routines and curriculum. We acknowledge “All children have the right to an education that lays a foundation for the rest of their lives, maximises their ability and respects their family, cultural and other identities and languages.”

At a2z, we value and respect the child belongs to a family, a community and has cultural identities and all these help to foster the individual child’s identities. We believe that through our respectful caring relationships with children and families, educators are able to work together with families and children to construct curriculum and learning experiences relevant to the children and their local context.

At a2z, we realise that this curriculum will gradually expand children’s knowledge and understanding of their world. We believe that with ongoing learning and reflective practice, educators become co-learners with children and families.